Will the Astros Be Able To Recover This Season?


Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

The Astros celebrating after winning Game 7 of the World Series.

Isabella Carlin , Reporter

Earlier this year, the MLB Commissioner announced that the Houston Astros cheated during their 2017 championship season and part of the 2018 season by using a video camera to decode catchers’ signs to pitchers. This announcement resulted in a $5 million fine for the team and the loss of top draft picks in 2020 and 2021. The team owner also took action by firing the head coach and general manager. With spring training underway, Astros fans cannot help but wonder if the team will be able to recover this season.

This offseason, the Astros have been the subject of hate and anger within the league. Players and fans alike have been petitioning for all Astros players involved to be suspended this year even though the regular season is beginning in less than a month. In spring training games, multiple Astros have been hit with pitches by angry opposing pitchers. I believe that even though the Astros are facing backlash and hate for their actions, they will be able to recover and have a successful season. 

The Astros were only found to have cheated in 2017 and part of 2018. No evidence of  unfair advantage was found during the 2019 season. Even though the Astros lost game 7 of the World Series last year, they still finished  with their best regular-season record (107-55). This proves that the Astros have the talent to be competitive with their opponents regardless of their accusation. Even though the team lost star players like Gerrit Cole, Jake Marisnick, and Will Harris, they gained many new additions including former CP alum, Austin Pruitt. The Astros’ players have said they are more determined than ever to compete and are looking for another visit to the World Series despite their allegation. 

With the news that coaches and other team officials were aware of the Astros scheme, team owner, Jim Crane decided to fire AJ Hinch and Jeff Lunhow, the Astros head coach and general manager. He then hired veteran MLB manager, Dusty Baker and newcomer, James Click to replace the men in their roles to avoid negativity and criticism in the clubhouse. Recently, when players have been asked for their opinions about the scandal by reporters, most players will not respond to avoid adding any additional stress to the team. All of these actions indicate that the Astros are ready to move on from 2017, play good baseball this season, and prove all the media and critics wrong. 

Since spring training began 2 weeks ago, the Astros have been hurt, booed, and shamed on by opposing teams and fans. This is only the beginning of the hostility they will be feeling this season. Yankee and Dodger players are determined to make the Astros pay for costing them a possible World Series title. Many Dodger fans have planned to travel to Anaheim to hate on the Astros during their opening game. It is no surprise that the Astros will be dealing with negativity all season long, but their response to it will determine if they truly are a championship-deserving team after all. 

Time will tell if the Astros will be able to regain the trust of baseball fans and players across the country. With their strong performance and determination to move on from the past, the Astros should be able to prove everyone wrong and be in the running for a playoff spot again.