What is FFA?

Hannah Dollar

Students strive towards their goals with the help of an organization that builds leadership skills and prepares students for career success through agricultural education. This program is known as ‘Future Farmers of America’ (FFA). But what is FFA? Don’t they just raise livestock? 

This dynamic youth organization amounts to more than just raising livestock. The FFA program offers a total of nine classes relating to agriculture. These classes, while helping to prepare students for success in potential careers in fields of animal science, agriculture, or natural resources, allow students interested to find what aspects of agriculture they best fit in while instilling leadership skills that can be applied in any area of life. 

“I’ve learned so much from being in FFA and taking the Agriculture classes provided. Both of our teachers Ms. Moreland and Ms. Laubacher are amazing and really make their classes enjoyable, they’re much more hands-on and interactive which I love,” Taylor Turner said. “But being in FFA definitely made me a better leader and caused me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new things I never would’ve before. I truly think it’s different from any club or organization.” 

The classes, consisting of Small Animal, Equine, Livestock Production, Principles of Agriculture, Ag Mechanics, Wildlife, Vet Med, Advanced Animal Science, and Floral Design, are just a portion of the program. Leadership and Career Development events, Prospect shows, Internships and Scholarships are all part of the abounding opportunities FFA offers. 

“I wanted to join FFA because I wanted to work with animals. So, when Ms. Laubacher explained FFA and raising an animal in floral class I was interested,” sophomore Kate Warren said. “I am mostly involved with raising livestock because I wanted the experience of learning how to handle and care for animals. I knew it would be beneficial in helping understand the importance of hard work and dedication to maintain an animal’s health and happiness. My goal is to work with animals as a vet or in marine biology.” 

FFA gives opportunities and tools to pursue ambitions. Senior and FFA president, Taylor Turner, aspires to be an Equine and Bovine Pharmaceutical Representative. Turner’s main focus is raising livestock and in the state fair of Texas, she placed 2nd in her market steer class. Sophomore FFA member, Holly Pawlowski, hopes to work to protect wildlife in marine biology. Her love for animals has encouraged her to raise a goat, exposing her to experiences that help prepare her for the future.

“I am extremely interested in pursuing a career in the agriculture industry. My main goal is to be an Equine and Bovine pharmaceutical representative, basically, I would represent a pharmaceutical company and travel to different large animal vet clinics to sell medicines for those species,” Turner said. “However, very few people have this job and they’re hard to come by. But no matter what I know I want to stay in the agriculture industry with a focus on livestock.“