Chinese Trip Cancelled

Chinese class  canceled their trip to Chinatown on Jan. 28 due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China and other parts of the world. 


“The district decided we would rather be safe than sorry,” senior Abby Turco said. “Rather than to risk anyone becoming ill.”


In recent weeks the world has seen an outbreak of the coronavirus. The school’s administrators were concerned about students’ safety and suggested Mrs. Li, the Chinese teacher, to postpone the trip to a later time.


“We had to cancel the trip due to the spreading of the coronavirus,” junior Marshall Lundsberg said. “We will visit Chinatown maybe sometime later.”


During the trip, Chinese students start off by going to the Chinese cultural center and participate in  activities that help students learn Chinese culture, such as making dumplings and playing traditional Chinese games like ping pong. They then visit the Chinatown part of Houston near Bellaire to grab lunch and shop for Chinese products.


“We typically visit a temple or culture center for a lesson,” Turco said. “Then, we spend the rest of the day in Chinatown.” 


While the trip has not been officially rescheduled, students believe that once the virus has been controlled, they will be allowed to go to Chinatown as a class. 


“We will most likely make up the trip next month,” Lundsberg said. “But all that depends on the situation with the virus and how far it has spread.”


Fortunately for the students, the Chinese dance produced by the Chinese program was not canceled and will be performed at the March culture festival as per usual. The dance consists of a mix of traditional and contemporary Chinese styles and brings awareness to Chinese music and culture. 


“For the dances, Mrs. Lee teaches us traditional Chinese dances,” Turco said. “These include the fan dances, to educate us about different parts of Chinese culture.”