Accepted… Now What?

Hira Qazi, Editor-in-Chief

So you have been accepted into college… Now what? 

When you get your first acceptance letter, it feels as if a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders, but knowing that you have been accepted into college is just one part of the process of your college journey. Now is the time where you start planning for what comes next.


1. Maintain Grades

Before you start letting grades slip, know that many colleges require mid-year and final semester transcripts so that they can keep track of grades. A lot of colleges and many scholarships can revoke their decisions if they notice that a student’s grades have drastically dropped. 


2. Campus Visits

Checking out the campus before choosing your school is a very important step in this process. Familiarizing yourself with the university, students, and town can help you decide if that is where you want to spend the next four years of your life. Not only do you get a better understanding of the atmosphere surrounding the school, but you also have access to admissions counselors who can answer your questions first hand.


3. Compare Financial Aid Packages

If you are in between schools right now, a lot of times the decision comes down to how much money each university is offering to give for you to go there. Make sure to sit down with your family and compare the pros and cons of the financial aid packages to help with the decision process.   


4. Scholarships

Apply to scholarships. Any scholarships. Listed below are some websites to look through for scholarship applications.,,,, The College Board,


5. Make A Decision

After visiting the campus, talking to students and admissions counselors, discussing financial matters, and applying to scholarships, it is finally time to make a decision. Just remember to actually hit the accept button on your schools portal.