14 $10 Date Ideas


Brianna O'Callaghan, Reporter

Below are date ideas for all kinds of couples to make Valentine’s Day the best it can be.


1. Buy a Disposable Camera 


Okay sure, we have iPhones and Canons and a world of amazing technology. But with a $3 camera to go adventuring with, this sounds like the perfect date idea.


2. Make Cupcakes


Cupcake mixes go for as low as $2. Grab some icing and a pan and start cooking with your date. 


3. For The Artsy Type: Visit The Contemporary Arts Museum And Donate $5 Each


5216 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006 – Contemporary Arts Museum

Since the Contemporary Arts Museum is free, all you have to do is leave a small donation. Filled with rising artist from the Houston area, this museum is definitely going to surprise you. Will Boone’s Highway Hex and Garrett Bradley’s American Rhapsody exhibition are open now until the next few months.  


4. Have An At-Home Movie Night


Cuddle up with popcorn and snacks and look up some free or rented rom-coms. This would be the perfect date for two homebodies. Amazon Prime and Netflix have some great classics. 


5. Go to a Used Book Store


1306 W Davis St, Conroe, TX 77304 – 2nd & Charles

25915 Oak Ridge Dr, Spring, TX 77380 – Good Books In The Woods

Grab the same book and read. Find what you and your date like or dislike about the book and get to talking. 


6. Buy And Put Together a Puzzle


This date idea gives you and your partner a chance to talk and learn more about each other. If this isn’t the first date though, spend some time talking about past memories with your date. 


7. Have a Morning Date With Bagels 


Go to a bakery or breakfast place and order bagels. Eat inside or go to the park to share breakfast with your date.


8. The Penny Date


The Penny Date idea has been all over Pinterest and TikTok. The idea is to take a penny, get in the car and assign heads to left or right. Drive, flip the penny however many times you chose, and see where you end up. Somehow make a date out of where you go.


9. Take A Walk or Ride A Bike


With the dogs and your date, this might just be the perfect date. Go to the park or around the town talking and learning about your date. Or even go downtown and breathe in the Houston culture.


10. Go Thrifting


Spend time going to stores like GoodWill and search for the perfect item with your date. Maybe a new flannel or a coffee mug. 


11. Make Bucket Lists Together


Start thinking about your future or maybe just some summer things to add to your list. Go skydiving, stargazing and adventuring with your partner.  


12. Go To The Top Of A Parking Garage or Building To Watch The Sunset.


Yes, very cliche. But what a romantic idea to watch the sunset with your date. Bring a snack or two and enjoy talking with your date. 


13. Volunteer Together


The most heart-warming idea for a couple or ones new to dating. Walk dogs, go to a soup kitchen, or even set up events for others. Check out some ideas from Jillian Parks’ Things To Do In The Woodlands.


14. Buy Your Favorite Candies And Switch With Your Date


Make some rules of candies you wouldn’t try and go out and buy some at your local candy shop or gas station. Let your date see some differences and similarities in your taste. You might even go home with a new sweet tooth.