Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity

The Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity (LEO) club is open for students of all grades interested in undertaking group activities where their leadership skills may blossom and develop over time. 

Students interested in joining can easily do so by going to Dr. Tesh’s room, 3309, on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month from 2:45 to 3 p.m. From there, students should be able to easily pay the fees on SchoolCashOnline required to become new club members. 

“LEO Club is a volunteer organization that works to foster leadership, experience, and opportunity for our members,” Senior President of  LEO club Jennifer Trevino said. 

Attempting to foster a friendly environment and welcome any new members, Trevino has students start off with a couple of icebreakers at the beginning of every club meeting so members can get to know each other, thus encouraging team bonding. Next, students explore and discuss ways to volunteer and make a change in the world. From charity events to raising awareness on important issues, LEO club runs through  new events each month to see how they can help the community. 

“Throughout the year we boost vision awareness programs to collect glasses for the underprivileged and we try to volunteer within our community,” Trevino said. “We even run Mr. Cavalier, a senior male pageant.”

 The founders of LEO club were looking for a place that could give them the experience they need to carry with them throughout their life and  future careers. No club or organization matched their requirements so, they created their own.

“I decided to run this club as president because I wanted to bring positive change to the club,” Trevino said.

LEO club members are constantly brainstorming and discussing ideas on how to bring that positive change. Nothing is off-limits as long as it can help someone, because help is always needed. The club does not rest until they have explored every new place and event volunteer opportunity. 

“I want to push for cancer volunteer opportunities,” Trevino said. “It’s something we are looking to add in the second semester.”

LEO club hopes to inspire positive change in the community and for students to join to develop their leadership skills to help them in the future. 

“Students should join because we are a welcoming club,” Trevino said. “And because we can give members the leadership experience they will take with them into their future careers, the experiences of helping others within their community and opportunity to reach their future aspirations with scholarship opportunities.”