Freaky Friday!

Audition Information

Freaky Friday!

Jillian Parks, Reporter

On November 4-5 from 2:45-5:00, the College Park Theatre Department will hold auditions for Freaky Friday the musical. Interested participants need to bring a 1-minute cut of a song, the side, a section of dialogue that has been pre-picked by Mrs. Labonski, and audition form provided in 1408. 

“I think others should audition for the musical because you get to work with many different people and have an outlet for your creativity,” sophomore Sara Marie Wojta said. 

Auditioning for a musical can cause a lot of anxiety in students whether it be because of fear of public speaking, singing, dancing, or overall stage fright. A lot of people will ignore the opportunity because the fear of auditioning overwhelms the desire to be apart of the cast. 

“I’m auditioning for the musical because it allows me to perform in a way that often I don’t get to participate in and I have a blast every year,” senior Ginger Hardwick said. “Auditioning isn’t as scary as it may seem and everyone at auditions is there to support you.”

Freaky Friday follow the story of a mother, Katherine Blake, and daughter, Ellie Blake as they navigate the difficult waters of love, high school, death, and switching bodies. The musical itself has a lot of opportunities for other roles such as Savannah, the high school mean girl, Hannah and Gretchen, Ellie’s friends, Torrey, the uptight assistant, Adam, the main male and love interest,  Mike, the soon-to-be step-dad, and many roles in the ensemble.

“[This musical] has the potential for large chorus numbers and I thought it would be a good way to involve many students while appealing to a wide audience,” director Valerie Labonski said. “It is also a new musical and it is nice to be the first production of Freaky Friday in our area!”

The show itself takes place in modern day. Being a contemporary musical, there is a high demand for dancers and strong singers. There was a workshop on October 29th where Ms. Lowry, the reveliers coach and choreographer for the show, taught students the dance. The dance will be performed on the audition day. If you were not there, contact @twcp_theatre on instagram to see the video. 

  “ I think others should audition for the musical because then they can step outside of their comfort zone and experience something a little different than just straight acting or singing,” Hardwick said. 

The rehearsal process is Monday-Friday from 3:00-6:30 until January 23rd when performances will last until January 26. There is tentatively no rehearsal over holidays, and not everybody will be called everyday. Rehearsal schedules will be out every Friday after 4th period, so each person can mark their required rehearsal dates and times for the upcoming week. 

“People should audition if they want to be involved in a positive, fun artistic activity that serves their community!” said Labonski. 

Aside from auditioning to be in the cast, there are many ways to get involved from working backstage as a stagehand to playing in the orchestra to helping with hair, makeup and costumes, over 100 students are involved every year.

“To people that are afraid of auditioning, I would say, you have nothing to prove, only to share,” Wojta said.