Feeling Stressed? Join Poetry Club.

Relieve anxiety with poetry

TyKara Robinson, Reporter

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Mrs. Gannuci has created a safe space for students to relieve their stress through literary freedom; poetry. Poetry club meetings will take place on the first Friday in the library from 2:45 to 3:30pm. 


“Poetry is a form of healing,” Founder of Poetry Club Mrs. Gannucci said. . “[One is] able to poor out some of [their] heavier emotions into [their] own poetry so that [they] are not hanging onto negativity.”


Students can expect to bring their own poetry to share, read poetry from inspiring poets, or write their own poetry. 


“My goal is for students who love poetry to have time to be together and be able to share thoughts and ideas about poetry,” Mrs. Gannunci said.


The next meeting will be November 1st, so feel free to stop by and let your ideas fly.