Billie Eilish Concert Review

Hannah Dollar


Last Thursday, excitement filled the Toyota Center as the crowd anticipated the thrilling entrance of Billie Eilish. Starting the night off with her number one single, ‘Bad Guy,’ the crowd stayed right on beat with Eilish’s compelling energy. Her contagious lively attitude filled the stage, leaving her fans to forget their surroundings, focusing solely on her voice and the captivating display.  

As part of her Where Do We Go? World Tour, Eilish performed songs from her most recent album- ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?.’ This album, featuring moody beats, chilling melodies, and eerie storytelling lyrics, influenced her beautifully haunting visuals and a climactic build-up to many of her songs. From creepy mystifying backgrounds to intimate commentary, the arrangement did not disappoint.

Eilish’s brother and producer, Finneas, performed on stage with her the whole concert, collaborating on many songs, as he helped her write and produce the music. 

The most memorable of these collaborations being the song ‘i love you.’ Imitating the original setting in which they wrote the lyrics to this hit song, in Billie’s room sitting on her bed, the two siblings were suspended above the stage on a white linen bed. The captivating duo shifted the spirit of the arena to an air that gave you chills. With Finneas switching to acoustic guitar for a more intimate melody, Billie continued with her brilliant vocals, but now with a sentiment. The breaks between lyrics brought the crowd to a stilling silence. Connecting with her fans, once again, Eilish indicated that they carry out the chorus, filling the arena with radiant warmth.

As if her performance needed more quirk, the impressive 17-year-old was not slowed down by the hulking boot she was forced to wear due to an injury. She made the stage hers, as she danced and bounced as if no one was watching. She livened the song ‘COPYCAT’ by prompting everyone in the arena to “get low”. She said to follow and watch her, as her movement and the beat drop of the song would indicate when to jump up. And as she said, everyone got low, and everyone jumped up as one with Eilish and the flashing lights. 

As the young artist walked off the stage the fans were left wanting more. And not to dissatisfy, Billie came out for an encore performance of ‘Bad Guy’ that echoed the same excitement from the start of the night.