5 Places to Volunteer in or Around the Woodlands

Jillian Parks, Reporter


Volunteer hours seem to be on the minds of many students as ways to invest in something outside themselves, and boost their college applications. Actually picking a place to volunteer, however, is the tricky part. Here are five places worth volunteering at. 


  1. The Public Library

At the Montgomery County Library, teens 13 years or older can fill out a volunteer application at https://www.countylibrary.org/volunteer.htm. The website states that “Volunteers will perform the assigned tasks of sub-professional and/or clerical nature in connection with the standard routine of Library operations during the Library’s regular working hours.”


  1. Montgomery County Food Bank

The food bank is a great way to devote time to a fantastic cause. They feed over 35,000 people in a month and rely on volunteers to do so. One can find their volunteer dates at https://mcfoodbank.volunteerhub.com/ to find upcoming events, locations and age limits if applicable. 


  1. Mercy House Global

Mercy House Global is a non-profit organization that sells fair trade products made by women in impoverished situations. This organization has given women all over the globe jobs they would not have otherwise gotten. It’s one thing to be supported by charity; it’s another to work for one’s living and create things that others will enjoy. Those 18 year olds or younger must be accompanied by an adult. One can drop in without an RSVP Monday-Thursday: 9:30am–12:30pm, the first Monday evening of the month: 6pm–8pm, and/or the first Saturday morning of the month: 10am–12pm after filling out the volunteer Acknowledgement & Release form at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bZaMAiD7qhZFnmxuXqkRu6CzgKwhLZi_/view


  1. Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

This organization collects and donates meals to the homeless in and around Montgomery County. By creating relationships with families or individuals or impoverished or dangerous situations, they are able to build “strong partnerships with local and federal government agencies, other nonprofit organizations, and a wide range of community groups.” Fill out the volunteer form on their website or email [email protected]

       1. Clubs

Interact and Key Club are not locations or a specific events; they are clubs here at College Park that organize events for students to volunteer their time and keep track of their hours digitally. If you do not want to bother with keeping track of hours, but still want to donate your time, join the club! Interact meetings happen every other Monday at 7pm in the commons, and Key Club meetings are every other Tuesday from 2:45-3:15 in Room 1613.