Homecoming Spirit Week

TyKara Robinson, Reporter

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Hoco Spirit Week

Senior Chloe Wells showing off her Mum.

 The halls crowded with students in themed attire, dedicated to participating in spirit week signifies that Homecoming is on its way.  Homecoming, the annual tradition that showcases not only the talent of the football team, but the epitome of school spirit as a whole. 


Homecoming holds a special place in Color Guard’s heart. It is  an entire week designated for team bonding that begins with a trip to the arts and craft store.  In order to express their creativity and gather as a team, they prepare for homecoming weeks before the dance by making custom mums at one of their member’s homes.


“The ones at the store are very simple, [they] are like $50 and so small,” Chloe Wells said. This encouraged the color guard to make their own mum every year although “they can get very expensive,” Senior Chloe Wells said. “There was one bigger than two people that we have made.”


The origin of mums or “chrysanthemum” have been traced back to China about 3,500 years ago. Chinese scribes discovered that “mums” were first used as flowering herbs-they boiled roots served as a remedy for headaches. Soon after, the Japanese were introduced to the chrysanthemum, using them to signify nobility. To this day, the Japanese have a mum festival known as the “Festival of Happiness.” 


Since then, the “chrysanthemum” has evolved to the “mum” becoming a staple piece for hoco tradition for students across the nation. While the process of creating a mum can be tiring, the results are well worth it.


“For the small ones, [it took] like a few days, for the big ones like two weeks,” Wells said. “It was like a part-time job.”


Although Hoco is advertised as a fun event to make memories with peers, the silent minority disagrees.


“I’m not planning on going to homecoming because I thought why spend money on homecoming when I’ll be going to prom next year,” Senior Ameera Law said.


Just because Law is not participating in the homecoming activities does not mean she is the grinch of school spirit. She still admires the effort her peers put into spirit week.


“I think it’s cool to see people match,” Law said.  “Some go beyond what’s expected so it’s nice to look at. My favorite theme [was] Wednesdays 80s theme, because I think the 80s was such a cool decade. If I had the chance to travel back in time, I would pick the 80s.” 


Wednesdays 80s theme was a hit across the student body for those who participated and even for the students who did not.


“My favorite theme was the 80s. I didn’t dress up but everyone looked cool.” Stephen Dotson said.


According to standard beliefs, if one does not attend the dance Saturday night then they’ll probably be doing nothing, right? Not Law.


“Since I’m not planning on going to the dance, I’m going to hang out with some of my close friends. We’re planning to eat out and watch a movie,” Law said.