The Newly Formed Culture Club

Students met at the LGI room to discuss Hispanic culture in Culture Club’s first meeting.


There’s a brand new school club this year. The Culture Club is now open for people who hope to expand their knowledge of different cultures while having fun and interacting with others. 

“Culture Club is a club all about diversity and appreciation of cultures around the school,” junior Daniyaal Qazi said. “We try to incorporate cultures from around the world including Asia, South America, Africa, and others.”

Culture Club held its first meeting on Friday, September 6th. The club chose to teach about Hispanic culture since September is Hispanic Heritage Month.  

“The meeting went way better than I expected,” Qazi said. “So many people showed up. We played games, had a spicy hot sauce challenge and then went over a brief overview of Hispanic culture.”

Culture Club meetings are held the first Friday of each month in the 2600 LGI room. And the annual culture festival will be held in March.

“During each club meeting we highlight a different culture,” sponsor Mr. Haygood said. “We meet and share food, cultural values, and learn about things we may not have known.”

Mr. Haygood was approached by Daniyaal Qazi and Ian Pedroza and asked if he would sponsor the club at the end of last school year.

“College Park contains students from all over the world,” Mr. Haygood said. “This club gives students an outlet to rediscover their culture and share it with others.”

Students join Culture Club because they want to explore different cultures and learn about vast traditions, foods, and customs. 

“I joined culture club because I want to expand my knowledge of other cultures,” junior Marshall Lundsberg said. “Plus, there was free food.”

Besides learning about different cultures in their meetings, the club is also working on getting ready for their big event this year, the culture festival. 

“The main goal for culture club is to prepare for the culture festival,” Qazi said. “Members of our club will be a part of running and hosting the celebration.”

The culture festival will be held in March and will feature foods from different cultures, games, activities, live dances, vendors, and more. Most of the proceeds will go to charity. 

“The one thing our school has is diversity,” Qazi said. “And I believe everyone should put forth the effort to learn more about the many backgrounds their fellow peers come from.”