Are High School Relationships Worth It? For

Ed-Op: For

Brianna O'Callaghan , Reporter

Dating in high school is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. Teenage stress and emotions play into how functioning the relationship can be. But there are also many great outcomes of early relationships like those including high school sweethearts, memorable experiences, and even learning more about oneself. So the question is, are high school relationships worth it? 

High school relationships are worth it. High school is a tough time for teenagers and having another person to get through it with can be beneficial in many ways. Teenagers learn how to communicate with one another, understand their likes and dislikes, and it gives time to grow and learn from mistakes in past relationships. 

High school relationships help teens learn how to communicate and trust someone they have feelings for. You might say some dumb things, do dumb things, hurt someone’s feelings, and even get yours hurt, but it all shapes teens into being socially functioning adults. Being in a relationship can help one more clearly express their emotions toward another. Learning about another person intimately can make someone more considerate while dealing with emotions, allowing them to talk more effectively with your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

High school relationships help you understand what you like and do not  like in a partner. Things you thought were important can change once you are in a relationship. Often in retrospect, you see that you ended up tolerating a lot of things you did not  deserve at that age because you did not know any better. Seeing and knowing what a healthy relationship looks like can greatly help you in the future. And even if the relationship does not  end up in marriage, teenagers learn what they want and do not want in a future spouse or partner. 

Relationships in high school are like a practice run. Relationships at that age are important times to practice and find out what is important to you. Things you didn’t think were important can become critical to your well-being. Experience is important to learning. Those who learn and create healthy habits in their early relationships normally carry this into adulthood. 

The effects of high school relationships are a big deal. Our brains are still developing impulse control and decision-making skills which can affect how we process these emotions. Some believe high school is a time for self-discovery, but, in the end, these relationships are shaping teens to be responsible adults and make good decisions with their partners. 

Dating is definitely a touchy subject. Drama and stress do come into play, but having someone you can rely on in the more personal ways can be very helpful. Teenagers should be more open to the idea of understanding themselves, life, and another person within their relationship.