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First Week Wrap-Up

Senior and Freshmen Insight
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The 2023-2024 school year has begun and some of us already feel a little clueless on how to best take on the year. 

On the first week of school in each period, the students were presented with a slideshow of activities to complete. These slideshows consisted of information that may better help students achieve goals and learn steps to make this school year feel like a breeze. 

In Activity One, the slide show presented how attendance and grades go hand-in-hand, including answering the question, “Why can’t I just skip school today?”

The presentation made clear that “80 percent of success is showing up.” Meaning, that attending school helps us achieve better grades, have less stress, not fall behind, and continue to further our education. 

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We all have to work on managing mental and physical well-being. Activity three demonstrated how to better combat those troubles in or outside the classroom. It can easily become overwhelming or stressful if we do not find a way to better manage our time.

Getting a planner can help. They maintain effective schedules and to-do lists to make sure we complete schoolwork and get personal things done. Organizing a  list for the day is simple and efficient; and will allow us time to pick up a hobby we’ve never tried.

Additionally, we should consider the words we say. People’s feelings, including our own, matter. If we see that the person next to us is not having a good day, perhaps give them a compliment or share a smile. We may not realize but that  small interaction could turn someone’s whole day around. 

There will always be a handful of things that are out of reach, and unfortunately, we cannot control others’ intentions or what the weather is going to be like. However, we can decide whether or not to be the bigger person, no matter how difficult the situation may be. 

With the new school year starting, many are new to the high school environment. Some may find this a little frightening, but high school is really what we want it to be. 

“I was very intimidated on the first day,” Freshman Johan Rivera said. “It’s my first time being in a big school with a bunch of different people, but I’m definitely excited for what’s to come.” 

For the class of 2024, the days are being counted. Most already have a vision of what life after high school will be like. However,  Is it not beautifully odd how some journeys are coming to a close while others are just beginning?

“My plan is to graduate with my cosmetology license in order to work during school and someday open up my own salon,” Senior Galia Zubia said. “Something I’ll miss after high school…the connections I formed. I’ve created bonds with people I never imagined, and my friends have become my family away from home.”

Advice to the freshman and in general – appreciate what is right in front of you. Of course, think about what the next step is, though always cherish those who are around you, including each memory you make, because time really does fly. 

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