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New Policies for the New Year

Aubrie Smith
The newspaper staff with their ID’s

ID’s, do we love ‘em or hate ‘em. Many students and staff have moved to voice their opinions on this new policy coming into the school year. For some this will be their first experience of College Park, and for others this will be something to get used to.

“I liked them, whenever I student taught in Arkansas we required having ID’s and it was just good to see all my people and just incase I forget a kids name in the first 3 weeks of school I can just kind of, oh yeah that’s Mercedes, you know, also to just keep track of safety,” math teacher Ms.Harvey said.

Teachers aren’t the only ones that feel that the ID’s are something to be grateful for, especially when it comes to making school life easier.

“I feel like yeah it can help, it’s an all around general improvement cause it gives convenience, which allows for more things to happen, cause I feel like the development of quicker methods of doing things lets you make more progress,” Kaiden Leavens, freshman, said.

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Though this is only the beginning, there is already talk about continuing the ID’s influence to more of the school with the intention of furthering safety.

“I think the future plan is to have kids scan in and out of classes so it’s easier for teachers to take attendance so that it doesn’t take away from classroom instruction time. So I think that that’s the plan they’re going towards, but I think safety was the biggest thing,” Ms.Harvey said.

Now keeping track of students wasn’t the only benefit of the new ID’s. This new policy has also appealed to keeping those who aren’t part of our campus off school grounds.

“I think it’s a great idea for students to wear them. It keeps everyone identified and we know if there are people in the building who don’t belong in the building,” accounting teacher Ms. Riddler said. “Especially when you see someone who doesn’t have an ID on, it makes you easily identify that person and get with someone who can deal with that situation.”

With this new policy coming in hot, some students were left with a sour beginning. Though there were optional days before the first day of school for students to get their ID’s, the students who couldn’t get here before August 9th were met with a harsh start.

“When I went to the library to get my ID I spent the whole lunch in there and when I was waiting one of their machines broke and the other one that was not broken was running low on ink and films before I ended up getting jammed, making me and all the students in line have to come back the next day,” Nathan Borjas, junior, said.

Many students were a little confused about where to receive their ID’s, but thankfully with the help of the school’s staff students were able to have them in hand by Monday, August 14th.

“It seemed to work fairly well, there was some confusion, some students were saying go to the library, some were saying go to the AP office, so there was a little bit of confusion at first but I think most people figured it out,” accounting teacher Ms. Riddler said.

The policy itself is implemented for the safety of the students and staff throughout the school day. Keeping the students in mind throughout the entire process.

“Honestly I never really thought about it till it started happening but now that I know it’s going to happen it seems like a thing that was going to happen at some point, as I said before it adds to convenience and safety, it builds upon those, which means it was going to happen sense it helps us a lot,” Kaidan Leavens, freshman, said.

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