To be a Leader, To Be a Friend


CP Ambassadors at Camp Cavalier

Eliana Fulton

In the crowded hallways of College Park, it can be easy for new students to fall prone to the chaos of a different environment.These students, whether they are frightened freshman, or transfer students who speak another language, need help from kind students looking to make friends.

The CP Ambassador program is an application admitted group of students that can show new students around the school, and represent CP standards.

“If people want to better their people skills and meet new people they should join the program,” junior ambassador Marley Miller said.

Students participate in events such as Camp Cavalier, exchange student visits, and feeder school events.

“My favorite event I have done this year as an ambassador is orientation,” Marley said. “I loved interacting with all the new students.”

In addition to CP Ambassadors, Counselors are recruiting bi or multi- lingual students to be ESL Ambassadors for incoming students who speak foreign languages.

“The purpose of our program is that our ESL Ambassadors assist our newcomers from out of the country to feel welcome and supported in this country,” ESL Ambassador sponsor Ms. Falco said.

With 90 participants this past year, the program has aided students from 27 different countries with acclimating to their new school.

“These ambassadors will come to our classroom during their advisory to help tutor our newcomers in all subjects in their native language,” Ms. Falco said.

The ESL Ambassadors also participate in events such as the World Cup Event and the Day of the Dead celebration.

“Our World Cup event was huge, and we brought in food trucks and small businesses from other countries to sell their authentic food while the tournament took place,” Ms. Falco said.

Applications to join both ambassador programs are currently open and linked below. The CP Ambassador applications are open until May 12 and the ESL applications close next month.

“Being an ambassador has taught me to always make sure I am leading by example,” Marley said.


ESL Ambassadors:


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