A Read to Remember


Eliana Fulton

This year the library has announced 26 students and 20 staff members that have triumphed in this year’s CP Library Reading Challenge. These students and staff have been a representation of the importance of literature by reading 12-20 books this school year.

Beginning August 10, participants chose to either read from a list of categories or freestyle for their reading challenge and had until March 24 to read 12 books outside of their required reading. Categories included books that are written by a favorite author, have a title that starts with “C,” from the Western genre, or much more. Books were logged on the Library Canvas page, and this month winning participants are reaping the rewards of their hard work. Those who read at least 12 books earned a personalized trophy, and those who read at least 20 books are allowed to select a book of their choice worth $25 or less.

For those who would like to participate next year the challenge begins on the first day of school. Visit the Library’s Canvas page to learn the rules and categories, and for more information of next year’s dates.


Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Students: Mahmoud A, Jenna M, Nissi B, Audrey N, Courtney B, Olivet O, Bibi B, Analia O, Daria B, Mikenzie p, Aiana B, Nishka P, Sydney C, Sharon P, Katie C, Diana S, Diya S, Bailey F, Emilio G, Ella S, Lila G, Daniel S, Logan H, Zayla W, Anjola I, Michelle Y

Staff: Black, A Gibson, Cahill, Halfmann, Castleberry, K. Hall, Cole, D. Howard, Creel, Knox, DiGerlando, LaRue, Estraca, Meredith, Farr, A. Thomas, Gannucci, Ward, Garrett, B. Wilson