Aiming for Home


Sophia Dinubilo

The College Park Varsity Baseball team’s season is now in full swing. Their season started late February and will end at the end of April. The team consists of 23 players ranging from sophomores to seniors. 

“My teammates are like brothers to me. We are all so close and really push each other to play the best ball that we can,” senior catcher Ben Blanchard said. “I can’t wait to finish the season strong with my second family.” 

The Varsity Baseball team has a record of 10-8 overall and 2-2 in district so far. In total, there are 12 regular season district games left for the 2022-2023 season. 

“My favorite part about being on Varsity this year is that I get the chance to play every school’s best players, it pushes me to be better,”  second baseman Julian Garcia said. “I am grateful that I get to play with the seniors this year that I have become super close with this year. I think all of us hope to end the season super strong by just taking it game by game.” 

The baseball team has a consistent practice schedule in order for the players to get and stay prepared for the season. They practice everyday after school from 2:00 -5:00, lift weights in the weight room Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school, and hit Saturday morning weights from 9:00-10:30. They also spend time over the summer preparing for the school year, having a 6 week period where they schedule two practices a week. 

“Practices sometimes get really hard and push me to my limits, but that’s what is going to make me better. Morning weight lifting has not only improved our strength, but mostly our team culture. Whether we have a good game or a bad game the night before, we go out the next morning and we work hard together,” Blanchard said.

After the Cavs first win, 7-1, over Caney Creek on March 28, their next game is Friday, March 31 against Caney Creek again at home. Show up and show support for the Cavalier Baseball Team!

“As we get further into the season, I am looking forward to winning and making memories that will last a lifetime,” senior pitcher Kade Jeffers said.