Cavalier Formal Couture


Taylor Good, Writer

As prom season approaches, hundreds of girls have been searching frantically for the “perfect dress”: rummaging through the racks in Couture House for a Southern belle-inspired gown, fighting through the flurry of worried girls to grab their hands on a slip-dress, or quickly ordering their gowns on Amazon before they’re sold out. For some, however, the priciness of dress shopping has discouraged many from attending their senior prom. With the costs of dining, transportation, and the prom itself, purchasing a gown will only add to their financial strain.

To alleviate these stresses, Assistant Principal Ashley Johnson is in charge of the Couture-House inspired boutique within the commons. The gowns are donated by students and sold free of charge. Various sizes of shape-wear, intricate jewelry, and feminine necessities are also displayed within the shop. The prom boutique will open starting Monday and will end Thursday during all C and D lunches.

For more information, contact Mrs. Johnson at [email protected]