Oh They Places They Went


Eliana Fulton

While many students stayed home to enjoy the serenity of Spring Break, some organizations decided to pack up their bags and take off together. Both Band and the Reveliers celebrated the season of accomplishment by taking trips across the country over Spring Break.

The Band travelers left the Friday before break for a week-long trip to Orlando, Florida where they visited Disney World Parks and Universal Studios.

“The rides were thrilling and fun and life changing. I had never been to a proper amusement park before,” sophomore Evan Sabaj said.

For many students, this trip amongst friends was a new experience.

“Going on [the trip] without my family was a little tough, but I would’ve just stayed home the whole time anyway,” Evan Sabaj said. “It was nice to see a different part of the world that wasn’t Texas.”

Similarly the Reveliers traveled to Los Angeles and explored tourist attractions including Warner Brothers Studio, Universal theme park, The Lion King Musical, Disneyland, and Griffith Observatory.

“I enjoyed getting to hang out at all the theme parks with my best friends,” freshman Kayla Sickles said.

While on their trip, the girls also attended the Millenium and Disney dance clinics.

“I really liked getting to step out of my comfort zone and get to dance with amazing teachers that I could never even dream of meeting,” Kayla Sickles said.

Apart from their families the team was able to experience new places and adventures together.

“Going with the revs was such  a fun and awesome experience. I had a blast getting to make memories with my friends that I will always remember,” Kayla Sickles said. “Having this amazing opportunity to get to know my teammates even better is something that I will forever be grateful for.”