Wild Cowgirls Ride to State

Wild Cowgirls Ride to State

Emily Hughes

Curtains open, revealing a skit presented by the Wild Cowgirls. A girl steps out shining from the lights. The colors change as the show goes on, until science proves her powers are impossible. 

The Wild Cowgirls are a DI team of six sophomores, Sophia Ali, Ana Del Angel, Gwendolyn Butler, Annabelle Harvey, Samiya Ikram, and Medha Suraj, who recently competed in a DI competition in the scientific category. 

“This category is more science based as we had to do an experiment,” Medha Suraj said.

The scientific category requires competitors to create a skit proving or disproving the possibility of a tall tale. The students used costumes, props, and a set to convey the story of a shiny girl.

“For our project, we had a tall tale about a girl who discovers that she can shine colors off of her body for the first time. As the girl discovers the colors, programmed lights are lit to the color she discovers. The tall tale is being told by a mayoral candidate, and in the end, the mayoral candidate proved that the tall tale could not occur in real life,” Medha said.

They used science to prove that their hyperbolic shiny girl is unable to exist and won the competition, allowing them to advance to state, a feat not easily achieved.

  “It is a time commitment so make sure you have time and make sure not to procrastinate,” a sophomore in DI confirmed.

Excelling in Destination Imagination can take a lot of hard work and dedication. There are many reasons people choose to make this dedication to their future.

“I joined DI because I wanted to be in a team with my friends and to make new friends,” Sophia Ali said. “DI is a fun and creative atmosphere in which I can work with my friends to create and perform a fun skit,” Anna Harvey said. “I joined DI in third grade because it was a fun thing to do then, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Being in a team for DI enhances the abilities of everyone, and it’s a wonderful experience in general,” Medha.

DI can be a great way to have fun with your friends, as well as make new friends. It can push you out of your comfort zone and stimulate your creativity.

“My favorite thing is how much freedom you get to create, design, and perform the skit and set,” Anna said.

Through DI students get the freedom to express themselves, while learning to collaborate with others. In addition, they are able to expand their skills and feed their curiosity.

“My favorite thing about DI is the new skills I am able to learn! Throughout the years, I’ve learned how to paint better, build structures, and code,” Medha said.

DI has a slew of advantages for students, from allowing them to experiment with their creativity, and giving them a great new addition for their resumes, to allowing them to learn teamwork and leadership, and to make friendships that will last a lifetime. It allows students the opportunity to grow their skills and succeed in future endeavors.

“I would advise others to join DI, and if they like it, continue doing it. It’s a wonderful experience as it grows friendships, allows for creativity to go above and beyond, and new skills are able to be discovered,” Medha said.