How to Gift

Halfway through the school year, birthdays are popping up like crazy, which poses a common challenge. “What should I get my friends?” I decided to browse Pinterest in search of ideas, where I saw many people creating picture collage boxes and others making presents with something of each color. Come with me as I create a rainbow memory box.

I’m using a few different sized boxes, including a teddy gram box (Box C), a shoe  box (Box B), a dog food box (Box A), and a small lotion box (Box D). I’m also using red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper, and a multitude of pictures.

Emily Hughes

My next step was to get the rainbow of gifts. I went with orange Cheetos, blue crunch bars, reddish diet coke, some purple and pink scrunchies, yellow Flare Pens, and some red and green M&Ms. I couldn’t help picking up a pack of rubber balloons to add in the box, way better than bubble wrap.

Back home, I scoured my camera roll for all the good and embarrassing photos I could find. I ended up with thirty-six pictures, which I printed out on a mini printer. I started assembly by taping purple construction paper to the inside and outside of Box D. Then I taped my favorites to the outside of Box D, with one on each of the four sides and one on the top. I taped the bottom of Box D to the inside bottom of Box C. 

Once attached, I cut along all four corners of Box D so that it could fall open when the top of the box was removed. Next I taped blue paper to the inside of Box C and taped green paper to the outside. I put two pictures on each side of Box C and taped it inside Box B. 

Once again, I cut the corners so the sides could fall. I proceeded to tape yellow paper to the inside of Box B and put orange paper on the outside. I put four pictures on each side of Box B and then cut the sides to allow falling once it was taped into Box A. Finally I put red paper on the inside of Box A.

Now it was time to fill. I took the scrunchies and put them inside Box D. Then I put the candy inside Box C and the pens inside Box B. Finally I put the Cheetos and Coke inside Box A. I then spent half an hour blowing up the little balloons and put them inside Box A like bubble wrap. 

Now it’s time to close. For a little extra fun, I duct taped Box A closed at all openings. I then added packing tape around the entirety of Box A and finished it off with a bow.

This project was pretty simple and managed to stay under twenty dollars.