Want to “BEE” Rich?


Taylor Good, Writer

With fall registration approaching, seniors have been working frantically to acquire enough funds to pay for their classes: working overtime, selling handmade items during school, or applying to multiple jobs to increase their streams of income.

To alleviate the stress, the school has been encouraging students to register for the Texas Citizens Bee Region Competition on March 29-30th. Exclusively for students in AP-level courses, the two-day event will provide participants up to $250 in prize money for winning all four rounds of the competition. The first round will consist of 35 multiple choice questions that pertain to their subject of choice, followed by three rounds of oral questions under the categories: People, Document and Cases, and the Constitution. The winner advances to the state competition with all expenses paid for and a chance to win up to $5,000.

For more information, visit the Citizen Bee website @https://citizenbee.org