Junior Jump Start 2023

CISD Conference at Jett Center

Junior Jump Start 2023

Dayan Rivera

It is almost time for the class of 2024 to begin planning for life after high school. Time to ask yourself what your path is going to consist of, whether college is an option, or if going straight into work is best. 

Tonight at Walter P. Jett Continuing Education Center, CISD presents Junior Jumpstart, as a way to help juniors prepare for their senior year and future after high school. The district will hold the event from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Junior Jumpstart is a workshop-style program enabling students to pick from the list of sessions to listen to during the event. College representatives from a variety of different colleges will be hosting the sessions and having in-depth discussions over the different topics listed. 

There will be a discussion over what is needed to apply for college and the application process. Additionally, there  will be an in-depth discussion about different career paths or majors to choose from for college. 

One of the majors that will be covered is business majors. Whether it’s finance, accounting, or management, experts from all over will clarify the latest trends and considerations for students interested in business. 

Another topic that will be discussed is essay writing. Most of us have already begun or are beginning to write college essays. However, there will be a session about what colleges and scholarships are looking for in an essay, and will be taught useful tips from experts who read and evaluate essays at the application level.