Leaping to Victory


Taylor Good, Writer

As the music begins to play, the gymnasium is instantly covered in a flurry of rich-blue flags, the rippling multitude mirroring an ocean as they surround the bodies of the competitors. Leaping across the floor–their dreamcatcher-like crowns trailing behind them– the audience watches in awe at the scene, the girls’ movements in sync with the beautiful lull of the music.

Two weeks ago, the CP Color Guard dominated their winter UIL competition at C.E King High School. Led by Head Coach Lucas Bash, the girls fought valiantly against other talented schools within the area.

“We competed against our category, in which there were only three teams including us,” senior and Team Leader Krista Brenek said.

For most of the UIL competition season, the JV and Varsity squads competed in separate categories. This time, however, the two teams performed together.

“Everyone as a group performed at the same time. We have a 3-4 minute show”, Brenek said.

For the past three years, Lucas Bash has dominated the creative category with his whimsical competition themes. This year, he took an even greater risk with his creativity.

“The Varsity theme this year is jellyfish!” Brenek said.

With their uniforms draped in shimmering lavender and white tulle, the girls wowed the spectators with their aquatic-themed performance. For many of the girls- like junior Savannah Darnell–the nerves that they had carried prior to their performance disappeared as soon as they entered the gymnasium.

“I accomplished how to perform using my body and emotions more”, Darnell said. “The music speaks to me when I get into the gym.”

For freshman Chloe VanLoh, the merging squads allowed for her to establish new relationships with her teammates. The camaraderie alleviated all of the tension that she had carried towards the competition.

“I’m the first freshman to make varsity this year. I was very scared and nervous, but I found new friends” freshman Chloe VanLoh said.

Their UIL win is one of the many accolades that the 2022-2023 Color Guard had earned this season. With another win under their belts, the girls are even more ecstatic for their next competition.

“I felt thrilled and excited since we worked so hard and it was a lot of happy tears”, Brenek said.