Celebrating Blackness


Taylor Good, Writer

Throughout the month of February, members of the Black Student Union have been working diligently to share the powerful examples of black excellence around the campus: plastering images of black advocates and artists on the walls, commemorating the endurance of individuals that dwelled in the era of racism, and underscoring the influence black culture has on modern society.

To further celebrate the beauty of their origins, as well as champion those that rose above the racist Jim Crow laws, the organization will be hosting their annual Black History Month Carnival Friday, February 24th in the school’s commons from 5-7pm. The event will allow visitors to gain a better understanding about black history, as well as the social injustices that are still prevalent today. The event will also consist of a trivia session testing visitors on their knowledge of famous black figures.

Tickets are only $5, which will cover the costs of food and drinks sold at the event. For more information, visit their social media page @collegeparkbsu.