Revving it up


Jennifer Walton

The Reveliers during their Production dance.

Eleanor Kelly


After the bright stadium lights finally turn off for the last time of football season, what do the Reveliers do?

Every year, towards the end of football season, the Reveliers start preparing for their own contest season. This year the Revs have three competitions to prepare for, there they will be competing in three dances, pom, novelty, and kick. Their first competition is this weekend, Saturday Feb. 11. 

“I think since we’ve already performed pom at a pep rally, we’re most prepared for pom. Even though the song choices are different from what we normally do, at the end of the day it’s a really fun dance,” junior Marley Miller said.

The Reveliers’ competition pom dance is to a medley of songs highlighting royalty. You’ll hear Simba singing Just Can’t Wait to be King, Queen of the Night by Whitney Houston, and Dancing Queen by ABBA. The Revs performed this dance at the last pep rally.

“My favorite part about kick is how unique it is. It’s been fun to learn how to embody a character while we dance,” senior social media chair Brynn Hebert said. 

Their kick dance is to a Little Mermaid classic, Poor Unfortunate Souls. This dance highlights the team’s kicking ability, and has many character moments. 

“I really love the panels for this year, and the plane. I think the visuals will look amazing once we have the props figured out,” sophomore Maddyn Harris said. 

The team’s novelty dance is Top Gun themed, arguably the one the girls are most excited about. This dance is going to feature many props, a plane, a stage, large panels with pictures on them, and even a group of girls with strobe wands (like the ones used to direct planes on air strips). 

“In Revs we have theme days every week, one of my favorites was Mr. Clean vs Mr. 305. Not only do the theme days lift our spirits, but the junior class in particular makes sure that our team never has a boring practice,” junior Zoë Fenley said.

To get the team pumped up many people have brought exciting things to practice. On Groundhog day, the junior class brought cookies and hot chocolate to see Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction and threw a PPPPP, Pre-Practice Punxsutawney Phil Party. The social officers have been working on a surprise for the whole team and will be giving them to the girls before contest. Additionally, the team’s officers have been hard at work cleaning their dances. The dance officers have three dances each year, and this year, the social officers are also getting to perform. 

“Our officer dances this year are very intricate and fun. We can’t wait to show the judges what we can do, together we are a strong group,” junior lieutenant Ellie Davenport said.