The Road to Victory

The Road to Victory

Taylor Good , Author

With the playoff season approaching, the girls basketball team has been working diligently to maintain their dominance in the district, racking up wins throughout their successful spring season. This week, the team is preparing to go up against their greatest challenge yet.

Last Saturday, the team scored a 42-35 win in a nail-baiting game against the Conroe Tigers. This Wednesday, the team will be going up against Grand Oaks High School–who currently maintains the #1 spot.

“They have a couple of good players, but we have good team chemistry and hustle which allows for us to play as a unit,” junior Natalia Ibizugbe said.

With the opportunity to conquer the current reigning champions, the motivation to correct the mistakes of the last game has been intense. For senior and shooting guard Gracie Garcia, being more aggressive is an area that the team is working on.

“We have to handle their pressure and aggression and play out the game,” Garcia said.

For sophomore and point guard Khinidy Francis, she is confident that her team is going to sweep the opponents this Wednesday. However, calling for the ball is an area that she acknowledges that the team needs to improve on.

“The errors that we need to improve for our next game is to handle the pressure, look for our teammates, and want the ball!” Francis said.

For junior and guard Tara Maliya, playing full-out on all four quarters is something that the team is going to apply for the next upcoming game.

“We’re going to handle the Grand Oak’s pressure, not let them go on too big a run, and give our all for four quarters,” Maliyah said.

In spite of the commentary from fellow opponents and doubters alike, the team is sure that their training, growing chemistry and technical alterations will allow for them to uphold the #1 spot.

“Their team has good players, but we have the better team!” Francis said.

The game will be at home with the freshmen squad starting at 4, jv at 5:30, and varsity at 7. For more information, visit the college park website at