Our Future Educators


Taylor Good , Author

For centuries, teachers have inspired countless students within their classrooms, motivating them to be the best in any field they aspire to pursue. With many of those students impacted by their teachings, the desire to enter in the educational field has increased.

The Texas Association of Future Educators, or TAFE, is a state-wide organization created to help young men and women explore the teaching profession. Students are able to craft their own curriculum, and last week, the program competed at Sam Houston State University for Area.

“I competed in Lesson Plan and Delivery: STEM,” Senior and Vice President Reagan Smallwood said. “This means I created a lesson on a STEM topic. I also competed in an event called Inside Our School, which highlights a program on our campus that sets us apart from others. I also helped judges keep time and make sure our event room is running smoothly.”

Last year, Smallwood won first place in both area and state, and then eighth at Nationals in Washington, D.C. This year, she is qualifying for state in both of her events.

“Since I qualified for state in both my events, I will be headed to Round Rock, Texas in early March and hopefully to Orlando, Florida this summer for Nationals,” Smallwood said.

Besides crafting a curriculum that can assist in the advancement of the education program, students are also able share those ideas with their peers. The thrill of meeting individuals from all across the United States is something that Smallwood loves the most.

” My favorite part of the competition is meeting people from the smallest of towns to the biggest of cities,” Smallwood said. “I also love the opportunities this organization gives you.”

Junior Zantasia Song is also making significant volumes within the program. Along with Smallwood, she received a certificate for her excellent presentation on her topic.

“I presented my presentation on the topic of Exploring Education in Administration Careers,” Song said. “At the competition, you receive a certificate that has your name, your event, and stats that you are a state qualifier. It allows you to advance to the next level. When you make it to national you can earn scholarships

Along with Smallwood, Song enjoys the camaraderie and excitement of the competition. The encouragement she receives from her teammates gives her the confidence to present her curriculum in excellence.

“My favorite part of the competition experience is meeting the students there and everyone just hyping each other up,” Song said.

For junior Katie Iacobucci, the knowledge she receives from the program and the ability to craft her own curriculum are things she appreciates the most.

“My favorite part of this experience is being able to learn more about how to become a teacher in the future and being able to create a book,” Iacobucci said.

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