ESL World Cup


Emily Hughes

On December 11 from 1-4 p.m, College Park ESL will be hosting a World Cup soccer competition on the football field. The winning team will receive a Qatar trophy replica.

“While soccer matches are going on there will be multiple food trucks,” said sophomore and organizer, Rebecca Garza.

The ESL ambassadors will have food trucks and vendors from many of the cultures being represented in the competition.

“We have many school groups participating in the festivities,” Garza said.

The ESL ambassadors are working with students from the Spanish Honor Society, Chinese Honor Society, African Student Association, and South Asian Club, although all are welcome to participate. Students will be representing six different teams, Mexico, Central/South America and Caribbean, Africa, Eurasia, China, and America.

“La Cocina de Roberto will be coming with carne asada tacos, aguas frescas, y Mexican Coca Cola,” Garza said.

La Cocina de Roberto is coming to represent the Mexican team, with native cuisine. They have also confirmed Mexican, Algerian, and Chinese desserts and drinks, American fair staples in the concession, such as Twinkies and Oreos, and are in the process of confirming South Asian samosas and Venezuelan arepas de queso.

“We aim to patch inequalities within our school system by providing specialized support to struggling, non-English speaking students by creating community,” Garza said.

They hope to bring together all of College Park in celebration of our cultural differences. The feeling of being part of a family can help motivate students to remain in school and help improve their life potential.

“Stay tuned for raffle opportunities and live singers and DJs for the American National Anthem,” Garza said.

They will be holding a raffle during the game, along with live music to showcase other parts of our diverse cultural background. The ESL ambassadors plan to make this an annual event, so that future generations have a chance to share their cultures.

If you want to sign up to play, visit this link: .