The Library’s Hopping


Emily Hughes

As winter approaches the library is hopping with new books and activities for students.

“This year I have placed several orders in September and were starting to get all of those in,” Mrs. Castleberry said.

This year they have gotten hundreds of new books for students to enjoy. The new books are not all fiction, they also ordered a number of nonfiction books for students to use for research.

“Students should know that they are able to come in and they are able to use computers and print,” Mrs. Castleberry said.

Students are able to print in the library, but it is not free. Black and white costs 10 cents per side and color costs 50 cents per side, you are only able to pay with a library service card, no cash.

“We try to have some activities that students can participate in such as puzzles or mosaics. We have some crafting stations coming up in November and December,” Mrs. Castleberry said.

The library has many interactive and cognitively stimulating activities for students to enjoy and relax. Students are invited to try out these activities during the school day..

“This month’s student members have chosen books,” Mrs. Castleberry said.

The book club meets on Fridays after school from 2:35-3:30. Each month they select a book to read. November’s  selection is Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

“We host a readathon in April for students who have checked out a lot of books, or participate in book club, or participate in the reading challenge,” Mrs. Castleberry said.

They have a read-a-thon, or the library’s form of a lock-in. Students will be able to win fun prizes, and most importantly do a lot of reading.

“Our reading challenge, which runs through the course of the school year and ends the Friday after spring break,” Mrs. Castleberry said.

The library holds a book challenge, which is a great opportunity for students to read. By completing the challenge, you can win a personalized trophy and a free book from Barnes and Noble.

“Mrs. G hides tickets in the books, so students come in and try to find them,” Mrs. Castleberry said.

If they find a golden ticket, students are able to turn it into the librarians and choose a free book off the new book cart. The library will do these challenges periodically and send out notifications when the tickets are hidden.

“Library Rules: Respect everyone & everything. Furniture not to be moved. Eating prohibited,” Library staff said.

Students are more than welcome in the library, but they are expected to follow the rules. However if you want a new book, but are just starving, check out the online database Sora and start reading.  Visit, and log in with your SSO username and password.