Gas ‘Em Up


Daniela McGill

After taking teens by a storm, the Gas App has beat out Twitter, TikTok, and even Google as the number one app on Apple’s App Store this month.

“I downloaded the Gas App after one of my friends was texting me about it,” senior Jake Arce said, “and it seemed like a cool concept to vote in polls for people I’m close with.”

 Launched only two months ago in 12 states, the app is quickly becoming the most popular among high schoolers. The whole purpose is to “gas” people up, or hype them up and compliment them.

“The Gas App is so much fun to vote on,” senior Kelly Nossa said, “It’s like Senior Superlatives.”

The app was founded by Isaiah Turner, Dave Schatz, and Nikita Bier, who also founded TBH, an app reminiscent of Gas that was bought by FaceBook and eventually shut down. The app is free to download on the Apple App Store, so it is only available currently to iPhone and Apple product users.

“Signing up was super easy, not going to lie,” senior Sofia Luna said, “I just put my name, picked CP, and all my friends were right there on my phone.”

The way it works is a user makes an account, and signs on as a part of a school or other community. This allows them to have the ability to have access to their peers and have them as options in the polls.

“I like that it’s not like YikYak, where you can literally say whatever you want anonymously,” junior Faith Stein said, “Gas is safer; there’s prompts, they’re not going to put a prompt that’s negative”.

Users vote in a multiple-choice style way for who is most fitting in each prompt. The polls are all friendly and positive, with categories like “Stands out from the rest” and “Most likely to be Batman.” After a user votes for a certain person, the receiver of the vote gets a “flame” in which they can see what they were voted for.

“It’s really fun to go through all the polls that people voted you for,” Luna said.

All the votes are anonymous, making the identity of voters hidden to the receiver. There is a way around the anonymity, after paying $6.99 a week users have access to “God Mode”, which allows them to see the users who voted for them in the polls. Most, however, seem to settle for the anonymity of the app.

“Gas is the first time I’ve seen social media be fun,” Nossa said, “It’s a no-pressure social media platform that is literally just for fun and no one takes themselves too seriously.”