The Last Play


Taylor Good , Author

For four years, our senior football players have been fighting valiantly under the spotlights, striving for the champion spot as their ears deafen from the roar of the spectators. Through the errors and successes, ridicule and praise, the players have endured their tumultuous season with grace, and with the end of their season quickly approaching, the final home game is an opportunity for the players to make their mark.

Last Friday, the Varsity football team played against New Caney at Woodforest, ending with a nail-biting loss of 27-20. With the outcome prohibiting the team from making playoffs, the once euphoric spirit of the athletes diminished. However, for senior and safety/corner Andrew Powdrell, the loss will give them an opportunity to grow technically as a team.

“I feel like we played hard in our last game but we have a lot of room for improvement on both sides of the ball, offense and defense,” Powdrell said. “Unfortunately we made too many mistakes which ended up making us lose the game. But all we can do is learn from it and get better for next week’s game.”

Through the pain of their defeat, Powdrell is still grateful for all of the improvements they had made during the season. A particular memory that he still relishes is a historic game they had played last year.

“Out of all the games I played in these last 4 years I’d say my favorite game was the game against Aldine Nimitz last year,” Powdrell said. “Our football team made history and won our first playoff game. That game meant a lot because the year before that, we won district for the first time in school history, but I didn’t play as much that year. But for us to then comeback the next year without all the amazing seniors that we had the previous year was really special. I also caught my first interception of the season so it was pretty exciting.”

For Senior and Revelier member Alyssia Ezernack, the last home game allowed for her to reflect on her growth as a dancer.

“The last home game definitely didn’t go the way we all planned it to go with the rain and not being able to perform, but I’m glad it happened that way despite everything because I got a chance to just recall old memories and truly appreciate the place I had my first performance as a member of the Reveliers,” said Ezernack. “My favorite memory from this year would probably be the first football game (senior night),” Ezernack said. “I got Rev of the week for the first time in all 4 years and it’s just nice to be appreciated and recognized for all of my hard work.”

For Senior and Cheer Captain Kate Luckett, her time at Woodforest will always be a memory that she cherishes.

“I’m definitely going to miss cheering at Woodforest the most!” Luckett said. “And my favorite cheer memories are going to get food before the game with my friends!”

The Varsity team will be playing their last game Thursday, November 3rd. With the sting of the loss increasing the drive amongst the team, they’re confident that they’ll make a comeback.