Your Vote Counts

Eleanor Kelly

As we get closer to the beginning of November, we get closer to many voting opportunities. Students who are 18 and registered voters, or will be 18 before voting starts on October 24th, are allowed to vote. The deadline to register to vote was on October 11th, so if you haven’t already registered you can vote in next year’s elections. 

Early voting started on Monday October 24th and is open until Friday, November 4th, Election Day on November 8th. This year’s election is very important, there are a lot of state and local elections coming up. Historically, there is a lower voter turnout when there is not a presidency on the ballot, but state and local governments tend to impact day to day life more than the federal elections. Doing your research before going to vote is important, knowing who they are and what they support is critical when trying to make a decision. Some good resources to learn about local candidates is , candidate websites and social media pages, and in The Woodlands  each village association invites township candidates to speak with village members. 

Let your voice be heard, vote!