Bienvenida a La Habana


Lauren Benton

Last Thursday, the long awaited Cuban eatery, Havana House, finally opened its doors to the public a year after announcing its new location coming to FM 1488. Before moving to their new location, the restaurant was in Magnolia, Texas.

Havana House caters sandwiches, Cuban-style pizzas, entrees, soups, sides, coffees, milkshakes, and classic Cuban sweets and dishes such as flan and pastelitos. Though the restaurant does not sell alcoholic beverages, they offer beverages varying from Coca Cola to Cuba’s Materva soda.

Havana House’s food is as authentic and delicious as the cuisine in Miami. If you’re looking for homemade Cuban dishes, this restaurant is for you!

Havana House’s new address is 16058 Bridlewood Drive. If you’re looking to cater, you can call them at (832) 521-3838. Havana House hours Sunday through Thursday are 11 AM-6PM, and Fridays and Saturdays are 11AM-8PM.