Taylor Good , Author

As of currently, an estimated 30 million Americans are struggling with eating disorders, these illnesses concealed due to fear of criticism from the public or being cruelly misunderstood. Various digital platforms, like Instagram and Tik Tok, parade unhealthy, thin bodies constantly, and with this glamorization of mental health, the downsides that come with these disorders are now seen as trivial to the public eye.

Cavs Breaking the Stigma is a student-led organization that raises awareness surrounding illnesses like anorexia and Body Dysmorphia, educating individuals on the realities that come with these illnesses and debunking popular misconceptions. Senior Lineke Malloy, a firm activist in mental health, created the organization to provide solace for students who have been struggling in silence, emphasizing to students that they are more than just a number and that they don’t have to endure these issues alone.

The club will host its first meeting on Tuesday, October 4th, and will be hosted every other Tuesday of each month. Members will be making posters about the club to be hung around the school, as well as making anonymous forms informing teachers how to spot signs within the classroom. Malloy stresses to those interested in joining that the club is not a place where they give out “body checks,” nor weigh themselves to showcase their illness when they’re feeling unwell.

If interested in joining the club, scan the QR code to join the BAND.