Pitbull Review

Pitbull Review

Sophia Dinubilo

Bass pumping and screams came from every corner of the Woodlands Cynthia Mitchell Pavilion as Pitbull, also known as Mr. Worldwide or Mr. 305, entered the stage on September 11th. Pitbull is an American rapper who began his musical career in the early 2000s. His discography includes many feel-good, upbeat songs, in English and/or Spanish. 

The concert started with an opening performance by Iggy Azalea. Her opener was very entertaining, as she rapped, danced, and strutted around the stage. Iggy’s performance lasted for quite a while, around 45 minutes. After her performance, the crowd’s energy was high and everyone was filled with excitement; all just to wait for another 45 minutes for Pitbull to come on. Everyone expected that it would take some time before Pitbull came on stage, but it seemed to be quite longer than most people had anticipated. Finally Pitbull ran on stage, and the concert began. 

 I am not a casual Pitbull listener; I usually just hear his songs in public areas, events, or celebrations. However, I was surprised to find that I knew nearly every single song he played. The concert was full of energy and electric excitement. Pitbull was extremely entertaining as he was performing his most popular hits; Fireball, Timber, Gasolina etc… The concert lasted about 2 hours until Pitbull performed the final song. One thing I particularly appreciated about this concert, that I’ve had issues with at other venues, is how much room there was. Hosted at the Pavillon, most concert-goers found their spot on the vast lawn. If you wanted to get sweaty, you could jump around by the railing, where the mass of people were. If you wanted to have some room to move around on your own, you could move up to the top of the lawn and relax. One of the only downsides of this concert was how disorganized it was when trying to get in. People were forming huge masses to get in the venue, due to the lack of organization and security. Besides this and also having to wait quite a while to get in, the whole concert continued on smoothly and painlessly, which I greatly appreciated. 

Overall, the concert was a great experience, especially for the price of only $30 dollars. Even if you don’t know any Pitbull songs, I suggest everyone goes to the next Pitbull concert at least once. Bring your friends, and trust me, you’ll have the night of your life!