She Kills Monsters

Eleanor Kelly

She Kills Monsters, the newest show in CP’s Theater department, tells the story of Agnes Evans and how she copes with the loss of her parents and her sister, Tilly. 

Agnes and her sister weren’t that close, as a matter of fact they’re complete opposites, Agnes likes mainstream pop culture and Tilly was everything nerdy and geeky. Tilly had a special love for Dungeons and Dragons, and after the accident Agnes finds one of the modules she wrote, to get closer to her lost sister Agnes embarks on a journey through Tilly’s world. 

“I like Agnes and her story line. I feel like her learning to be a more accepting and less judgemental person is something many people can relate to, including  myself,” actress senior Hailey Townsend said.

Townsend plays Agnes herself, so she has a great relationship with the character. Agnes grows up the complete opposite of her sister Tilly, actress senior Ellie Rouswell, and is constantly judging her for her likes. Agnes goes from being completely oblivious to Tilly’s interests at the beginning of the play to gaining a new perspective of her and her sister’s world. 

“The heavier topics the show discusses, such as coming out as gay and the frequent bullying that can result was very difficult to portray. Things like bullying and use of demeaning slurs can be very powerful in demonstrating how cruel a character is,” senior Ellie Rouswell said. “ I think our cast members have done a phenomenal job, however, of portraying the villains in a realistic way. Teens do frequently deal with difficult situations and this show does a good job of demonstrating that.”

Theater students rehearse for their show in the blackbox. (left: Angel Cashaw, right: Riley Guillory) (Ashton Wendell)

As Agnes digs deeper into what her sister likes and dislikes, she finds out that her sister is gay, and is out at school, but not at home. The idea of being able to tell your friends and teachers  something personal before you tell your family, is something that perhaps a lot of teenagers can relate to. 

“Fight choreography was really fun to learn. I think it helped a lot with cast bonding and it was an amazing experience getting to work with a fight choreographer,” Townsend said.

Cast members work on fight choreography (TWCP Theater Instagram)

The theater department hired a professional fight choreographer to make their fight scenes look realistic. The first showing of She Kills Monsters, is on Saturday September 24th, and is already sold out. There are three other shows the rest of the weekend, to purchase tickets click here