Fabulous French Club


Anna Blanchard

Caroline Unger and Owen Plourde open French Club.

Eleanor Kelly

As we settle back into the swing of school, many clubs are reorganizing and meeting for the first time this year. The French club has started back this year with many new hopeful goals. The club focuses on celebrating francophone culture, they meet once a month and assemble for snacks, games, music, and movies. Their first meeting was this past Wednesday, August 31st. 

The meeting opened with Co-Presidents Caroline Unger and Owen Plourde. They opened with french music playing in the background, and played a this or that game where members engaged in debates about why this or that was better. The meeting concluded with french snacks, croissants and madeleines. 

The club hopes to eventually become an honors society for future students, get letters for seniors during the Christmas season, make crepes towards the end of the year, and have a presentation at the Culture Fest in the Spring. The French Club will meet again on September 21st, all are welcome.