Black Rock Coffee Bar

Grand-Opening of the Coffee Shop


Dayan Rivera

For the coffee lovers all over, a brand new coffee shop is opening up, called the Black Rock Coffee Bar in the strip center next to Yes Fit gym in early 2023. The small business chain is climbing and has established many locations across the States in Washington, California, and Texas. 

Their main priority is to the customer. They craft their drinks in a specific way for everyone and anyone to enjoy. From a variety of coffee beverages that you could choose from such as the coffee bar’s favorite, the Caramel Blondie. 

The caramel Blondie is the coffee shop’s signature drink, you can choose to have this drink iced, hot, or even blended for a frappe. According to Black Rock Coffee Bar, the Caramel Blondie is “A flavorful balance of sweet and creamy with a strong coffee base.” 

They also have their own spin on energy drinks called Fuel and regular juice beverages for the people that are not fans of coffee.  These drinks are filled with different kinds of fruit that help re-energize and refresh. 

The coffee bar is excited about its grand opening in the Woodlands that they are introducing their new “fall drinks” for everyone to come and try. The coffee bar is also looking for potential employees, so if you are interested, apply on their website.