Mr Gorring

CP Band kids decked out in their Whataburger sunglasses at the first game of the season.

Eliana Fulton

For football game frequenters one of the most anticipated events does not happen until after the game ends. Win or lose, the student spectators leave the stadium and pile into their cars and head to the hot spot of the night: Whataburger. Everyone from football players to Reveliers to student section enthusiasts dig into the delicious burgers, nuggets and milkshakes while celebrating the comradery of a good game. As of this year, Whataburger is taking a new presence under the College Park Friday Night Lights.

Starting this season the College Park marching band is taking sponsorship from this local business through fun and exciting representation.  Band kids are excited to receive the benefits of this delicious donation through taquitos after late night practice and constant coupons. Merchandise has even been distributed, decking out the band kids in Whataburger sunglasses with Whataburger fans, and for their director, Mr. Gorring even received Whataburger earrings.

To join in on the fun, stop by Whataburger on September 6th from 5-8pm for a fundraising event, and keep an eye out for hints of orange making their way into the Cavalier Band uniform this season.