National Honor Society’s Newest Chapter


Taylor Good , Author

Last spring, more than a hundred students were inducted into this year’s chapter of the National Honors Society. With this influx of new members, there has been an increase in excitement regarding the numerous events that they will be participating in this year.
To kick things off, NHS president, Naja Woodard, will host the first meeting September 13th in the 2615 LGI room. The meeting will provide students opportunities to be better acquainted with their elected officer corps, and be well informed on all of the upcoming community events this semester. Following the meeting, members will be notified through email of the upcoming senior dues and other required community service hours that will be tallied at the end of the year.
This week, those who volunteered over the summer will be submitting their documented hours to the head of NHS, Jay Clements. Provided last spring, this optional assignment will assist members in obtaining greater community service hours than their peers. Students were required to provide a summary of the selected organization and the days they had volunteered, as well as have signatures from those leaders to confirm their services.
Woodard, alongside her officer corps, will also require members to design t-shirts for this year’s chapter. Over the next month, NHS’s Treasurer will be working closely with one of our local t-shirt companies to purchase the products.
For more information, contact Woodard @[email protected]