From Learning to Excelling in the Spanish Language

Emily Hughes

Honor is one of our key principles, so it makes sense that we have so many different honor societies here at College Park. Spanish National Honor Society(SHH), is one of the many you can join. They meet on the first Wednesday of each month in various locations, where they can discuss the hours of service they plan to do in order to improve our community. 

The SHH has members ranging from sophomores to seniors, who try their best to help make a difference. They volunteer within the school, along with the local Spanish community. On top of volunteering, they learn about the Hispanic culture and improve their language skills. Of course it’s not all service and education, they also have some fun. At the meetings they often play games, which according to the slides on the tvs, are fun. This society is for people that have a true investment in furthering their knowledge of another culture and gaining a true understanding of the Spanish language. Learning about other communities can lead to self discovery and a greater understanding of others. It teaches you to respect everyone, their heritage, and their beliefs.

Wondering if you can join or how? It’s open to any students who have taken at least two Spanish classes or tested out of them and have at least a 3.0 GPA. You should however, be prepared to answer questions on the application. Additionally , if you join SHH and meet the requirements, you can get a cord for graduation. So if you meet the requirements and have an interest in improving the community, keep an eye out for the applications coming to a classroom near you. If you meet the requirements, or will by the spring, consider applying.

For more information talk to Sra. Kravaric, the staff advisor. In addition, when you see your fellow students proudly sporting their society shirts, make sure to ask about their experience in SHH. The first meeting of the year is on Wednesday, September 7th in the 1300 LGI.