Swinging Into the New Season

Sophia Dinubilo

As the school year starts, so does the College Park Tennis team’s 2022 season. The tennis team is ready to take on the courts and their opponents this season after an impressive run last year placing 10th in the state.

“As a team, I hope we can accomplish more than we accomplished last year. We had an amazing year last year by making it to the regional finals, but I think we have the team this year to take it even further,” sophomore Anna Bong said.

The 2022 tennis season has already begun, with their first match, the Woodlands/Austin Challenger, being held on the second and third day of school. They have participated in three games so far this season, and already have identified ways to improve before their next match. 

“From here on out, it’s about training, developing, conditioning, and working on things that need to be worked on. For some, it’s their serve, others it’s their return of serve, others it’s their forehand and backhand, or even their volleys. Every player is different,” Coach Klein said.

Many students have prepared for the current fall season over the summer by attending Saturday morning practices, but mostly with individual training. Some students have already set goals on what they want to accomplish as an individual player this season. 

“Over the summer, I trained at Korolev Tennis Academy for 5 hours, 5 days a week and I played in a few tournaments. Now, over the school year, we practice every school day during 5th period and hold after school practices. I also still train at Korolev twice a week. I want to secure more wins in both singles and doubles this fall to prepare myself for the spring season in order to make it to state again,” senior Hallie Lower said.

As well as individual goals, the tennis team has established some objectives that they would like to accomplish together as a team this year.

“I want us to make a deep run at the play-offs this year. We did finish 10th in the state last year and pre-season rankings have us at 10th again. We certainly don’t want to disappoint anybody, but we would like to surprise a few,” Coach Klein said.

The College Park tennis team is ready to take on the 2022-23 fall season. Their camaraderie and teamwork is sure to shine through on the court.

 “Being on this team has taught me that every member has a vital and important role. We wouldn’t be a team without the teammates that are cheering us on to victory,  and we wouldn’t be a team without the players on the court,” Bong said.