Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Dayan Rivera

Some students decided to lay under the sun, some decided to play video games, and some went on beautiful long summer vacations, however, the athletes, bandmates, dancers, and more students at CP were on and off campus during the summer for camps dedicated to preparing for their season.

Summer camps are made for students to improve their skills, and not forget the lessons learned prior to summer during the school year. It may also help the coaches and instructors learn who the incoming first-year students are, including how much experience they have in their specific courses. 

 “For the first week of summer band, we learn how to march,” head band director, Mr. Gorring

said. “We also learned how to play the marching show as well as some of the tunes we will play for the Reveliers.”

The band was a part of the several programs that had camp this summer. They focused on skills that help improve the musicians on their techniques in preparation for games, competitions, and other school events. 

“Many of our 9th graders have never actually moved and played their instrument before and our new color guard members have never spun equipment outside, let alone running around the field. We teach these skills as a priority to be successful for the season,” Gorring said. 

Band had 275 kids in attendance during the summer, including junior Claire Jones, she learned a lot through just being at the camp. She learned all the new members’ names, and how to set up and break down the field with equipment, including how to conduct her fellow band members. 

“It was a very fast-paced experience,” Jones said. “But a super fun experience that I think really prepared us for state this year.” 

The band plays a really prominent role at our many school events such as the football games, and pe

p rallies. They keep the stands alive and filled with so much energy and emotion throughout the game just by playing music. 

“Summer band is a way for our students to get to know each other, understand the value of hard work, and learn that they are a part of a great organization!” Gorring said. 

Football also joined the fun and made a summer camp dedicated to skill improvement such as weight training, running, agility, and stretching.  

“We had strength and conditioning camp for grades 7-12,  we also had an incoming camp for 7-9th grade,”  Lonnie Madison, head coach of the football program said. “We had over 400 kids in attendance and the camp was focused on teach

ing players individual techniques as well as teaching them the College Park system and plays.” 

Football has been known to be one of the biggest programs here and is still climbing. All of the coaches dedicate their time to the athletes in preparation for the upcoming season. 

“We lifted for four days a week to not lose strength,” senior Daniel Serrano said. “Then we ended off with explosive sprints.” 

Most of the athletes really appreciated the training they had this season. It helped the Cavs prepar

e for what is expected from the other districts at the football games. Their first game is at the Woodforest Stadium this Thursday at 7 p.m.

“It was good for the most part, other than waking up really early,” Serrano said. “I would definitely recommend it because it was genuinely such a great experience. “