Do I Heart the Mac & Cheese?


Emily Hughes

I Heart Mac and Cheese

Emily Hughes

I was looking through the newspaper for new things to try, when I came across a new restaurant that caught my eye. I Heart Mac & Cheese!  Located at 26400 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX 77389. Of course, as a mac and cheese lover I was elated at the thought of a place that specializes in the perfect bowl of mac and cheese.


This weekend I decided to give it a try, so my mom and I drove down to Creekside to check it out. Just from the outside I could tell it was going to be good, the building had plenty of windows with a giant red heart on the sign. You couldn’t miss it, it was calling to us, so we answered with a push of the door. 

Inside we found multiple metal, yellow tables and even a bar.  One of the walls was covered in grass and the counter was set up like Chipotle, where you walk along the line and tell them what all you want in your mac and cheese bowl. I swear, if I was going to post on Instagram this would be the place.


They have everything from Tacoroni to lobster mac and cheese, the options are endless. I’m a very classic person when it comes to food, so I ordered the classic mac for $6.25 and my mom ordered the classic grilled cheese. We sat down on the tiny bar stools to wait for our food.

After a few minutes our food arrived, nice and hot, I was excited to give it a try. I took a few bites, and it was only ok. The texture felt like they had just taken some grated parmesan and sprinkled it on the noodles, so it was a bit chunky, but the flavors were good. The grilled cheese on the other hand was delicious. It came with a little cup of tomato soup and tater tots, which were both amazing. The grilled cheese was soft but firm with nice warm cheese and great flavors. Not to mention the fact that I enjoyed it even on wheat bread, which I am not a fan of. To summarize, the grilled cheese rocked.

In the end I was disappointed with the mac and cheese, but thrilled by just how good the grilled cheese was. I would definitely go back, just not for the mac and cheese. Red Robin is still number one in that department.