Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

Three Local Services to Make You Feel Relaxed

May 9, 2022

The end of the year is often stressful as our time is overwhelmed by assignments, grades, events, and last-minute adjustments. It is important to make time for yourself away from the busyness of our student lives so here are a few places that I have found that never fail to make me feel rejuvenated and pampered, ready to tackle the chaos ahead.

Salt Remedy

Salt Remedy offers a unique meditative experience through their medical-grade salt-infused therapy rooms. I was a stranger to salt therapy before finding this place and initially was skeptical. However, I have become a regular to this holistic wellness practice as it clears my sinus passages while giving me a quiet and safe escape. The key benefits of breathing in the salt consist of anti-inflammatory, bactericide, hydrophilic, and microkinetic properties, promoting easier breathing, the elimination of bacteria, the absorption of toxins and foreign allergens, and the breaking up of mucus blockage. Salt Remedy offers private salt therapy sessions running 25 minutes in length at $45 a session, and group salt therapy sessions running 45 min in length at $35 a session. Your first-time visit for either session is only $20. I have enjoyed my experience in both types of sessions, either using that time to take a nap or read a good book. 

Galindo Aesthetics

I have always been a fan of facials and Galindo Aesthetics is by far my favorite salon for this. The aestheticians provide personalized services from eyebrow shaping and medical-grade dermaplaning to sculptural face massages and organic facials. I have found their services to be reasonably priced, especially compared to most of the overpriced spas in the area that often do not give you your money’s worth and try to upsell you on unnecessary products. Galindo’s offers varying skin-care services catered to your specific needs. One of my favorite parts of any of the facial sessions is the facial massage portion where I can completely relax and enjoy the release of tension and stress that is held in the face. Getting a facial may seem unnecessary for those who have not experienced one, but there are many reasons to get one including professional deep pore cleansing, detoxifying your skin and mind, and getting a professional skin analysis that can educate you on the importance of taking care of your skin and ultimately you. 

House of Thai

House of Thai offers a range of massage services that relieve pain and tension of all levels with ancient healing techniques combining Indian Ayurvedic principles, yoga postures, and acupressure. Their massage services have stood out to me among the rest in the area due to their reasonable prices, the vast massage offerings, and the unique combination of techniques that have left me more relaxed than I have ever been. The incorporation of yoga postures stood out to me the most as they stretched and relieved tension that I would have been unable to do myself and that a typical massage would not have accomplished. The masseuses are very accommodating and considerate of personal preferences and requests. I recommend a combination of the traditional Thai and the Swedish massage with hot rocks for the ultimate relaxing experience. 

These are just a few of my favorite ways to dedicate time to myself to relax and de-stress, especially during chaotic times in my life. Although these services work for me, I realize relaxation means different things to everyone and it is important to relax and release stress regularly. For some, this may be as simple as taking a nap or laying out in the sun, and for others, it may mean venturing out and letting others pamper you because we all deserve it.

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