Summer Bod

Ways to be more active.

Summer Bod

Dayan Rivera

First and foremost, achieving that “summer-bod” does not mean being super skinny or getting on unnecessary diets that can harm your health more than help you, it means setting a goal to become the best and healthiest version of yourself, whatever that may mean to you. Although if you are looking for more ways to become a little more active this summer take a look at this list:


Going for a Walk

Start off a little simpler such as going on daily walks. There are many places you could start, including going to parks, walking around your neighborhood, or something more exciting…shopping! My tip is to walk from a starting point to a certain destination then back, and once it starts to become a more daily activity, walk a little further. 

Walking can be in many ways beneficial for maintaining a healthy balance as it promotes muscle endurance, prevents heart diseases, and promotes healthy blood pressure. You could also make walking more interesting by inviting a friend. People tend to carry on conversations when in person so adding in a couple of steps should be a breeze. 


Eating more fruits and vegetables

Yes, I know…I tend to dread them too, however, it is certainly a fact that fruits and veggies are healthy for you. There are creative ways you can incorporate these foods, such as making smoothies with fruits like strawberries and bananas, or cooking veggies such as carrots and broccoli into your favorite meals. Fruits and veggies contain natural sugars and vitamins, which help improve your health in so many ways.



If you would like to start at a more advanced level then apply for a membership at a local gym. When you start going to a gym you want to start at a level that’s best suitable for you and slowly make your way up. Going to the gym takes a lot of patience and time to see progress with yourself, but trust the process and little by little you will notice results. 

 I personally have experienced, and have learned that going to the gym can be a very safe space. When you start to work out, you become mindful of your thoughts and whatever has been on your mind you channel into your exercise and suddenly you feel the adrenaline.  

There are many gyms around the Woodlands that you could sign up for, including Fitness Connection with their newest promotion of $10 down and $10 a month, but be quick this offer ends in seven days. 


Picking up a Sport 

This is definitely a more exciting approach to working out since sports are known to be very competitive. Sports are played to win and once your head is in the game, you don’t realize that you are actually working out. You could pick up a sport such as soccer, football, baseball, and many other sports that are known to be very competitive and use a lot of energy to play. 

You do not have to be on an actual team, you could just gather a bunch of friends and play a game of volleyball at a park that has a court, or maybe just go up to people that are playing basketball and ask if they need one more player.  

Another option is joining the YMCA, which features many things such as youth sports, teen programs, group activities, and many more options that could help you be a little more active this summer.