Prom Fit Review

Prom Fit Review

Gabe Tartaglia

With all the fancy events of late from Prom to the Met Gala,I figured  that we could follow in the footsteps of other news outlets and review our peers’ fashion choices during the 2022 Senior Prom.

First up, we have the man that was voted best dressed by the senior class of 2022, Allan Woodbridge. Allan pulled up to the function rocking a salmon-colored suit with a sparkly-silver bowtie and classy black dress shoes with a cool little strap across the top. His boutineer even matched the sparkle bow tie. His prom date matched the energy with her matching sparkly little corsage. Overall, Mr. Best Dressed did not disappoint at Prom, that’s why i’m going to rate his prom fit a 8 out of 10.

Next up, we have the head of our newspaper staff and Miss Best Dressed, Hannah Dollar. Hannah had the green dress with the fancy little halter and the slits on a leg near the bottom. To go with this, her date had a classy blue suit that complimented her dress color really well, with a matching bowtie and pocket square. Overall, a very spiffy look from our editor, rating at a high 8 out of 10.

Another interesting Prom fit that I saw in person was Texas A&M commit Chance Jacksons fit. He made the very bold choice to attend the dinner and danced rocking the regular suit jacket/vest + shirt matched with blue jeans, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. The vibe was definitely a unique one, maybe not my favorite but still original nonetheless and you can’t hate on that. Overall, I’m going to give it a 4 out of 10.

For the last rating were going to visit what was one of my favorite fit from prom. NAME HERE wore the floral pattern on floral pattern suit. His suit had the all over print jacket sporting multiple different types of flowers and the pants had a balck front half with the same floral pattern from the jacket. Decent fit overall but the confidence in the pic is really what made this a 7 out of 10.

So to say that the Cavs have a well dressed body of students is an understatement, as nobody really showed up to prom not wearing a suit or dress that wasn’t drip.