Summer Jobs

Helping Teens get Jobs


Dayan Rivera

Summer is just around the corner and you might be looking for something to do over the break. Getting a summer job is an efficient way of spending your time, as it will allow you to earn money which can lead to doing exciting things over the summer without having to worry about being short on money. 

Even though jobs don’t sound all that appealing, especially during the summer, it is a better option than being bored at home. There are also many places that are in need of part-time employees, as there is an influx of people out of the house during the summer, doing things such as shopping, going out to eat, or going to a place to hang out with friends and family. Here are some places looking to hire:


Hurricane Harbor Splashtown 

At Splashtown, you could apply as a fifteen-year-old to become a lifeguard and it is really simple. First, you have to fill out an application, the instructors will view your application and then assign you to a three-day training class where you can either choose to be a deep guard or a shallow guard. As a fifteen-year-old, you are required to become a shallow guard. 

During the training classes, you will learn how to do certain rescues in and out of the water such as CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and rescue breathing. At the end of the training, you will have to take a test on everything that was taught over being a lifeguard and which procedures you need to use when a guest is in danger. 

There are also other jobs at Splashtown you could apply for, such as becoming a food-service team member, which means working the food stands and restaurants in the park. You also go through a training process, but it is not as rigorous as the lifeguard training. All that has to be done is to show up at the park a couple of times for on-the-job training where they run different procedures within each food stand and restaurant.  



The Woodlands Mall is currently looking for people to hire because as you know the mall has a plethora of different stores and each store needs employees such as Typo. If you like the “old-timey-writer” aesthetic then you may fit in well working here.

 Typo is a quirky and unique store filled with essentials that all creative thinkers need such as notebooks, pens, sketchbooks, and more. Starting at $12.50 to $14.75 an hour, the store also offers many benefits such as store discounts, health, and dental insurance. This store is a very calm and quiet environment so if this preference is important, consider applying. 



Another job that is pretty low mellow is working at a local movie theater such as Cinemark, which is in need of employees. Cinemark is a very popular movie theater in the Woodlands where many people go to watch movies and create new memories with friends and family. There are also many benefits to working here such as employee discounts on movie tickets and food. 

All and all getting a summer job may benefit you in more ways than you think. You will find yourself feeling proud because you are making your own money and can spend it however you feel is best.